Mastering of Tracks

Today, in this competitive environment, many artists don't have the time, nor resources to pay hundreds of dollars to have their tracks mastered. 

Additionally, depending on the genre, mastering service and availability of the mastering engineer; can impact turnaround times as you try to launch your music career!

Artists can now submit their tracks for mastering and upload for internet radio, global play! They can simply upload their tracks via the homepage and let us know if we need to master them.

We charge just $40/song and will upload your music to our global internet radio station and send you alerts when your music is played. Fans can  tune in to hear their music via our homepage or the many internet radio directories on the web, in which several can be found on our homepage!

1. Click "Buy Now"

2. Enter quantity of tracks

3. Enter requested info

4. Make payment

5. Add your email address

5. Upload tracks

6. Send