THERUNNNER began exploring electronic music while studying for his MBA in 2004 to withstand the effects of a caffeine hangover from studying long hours during nights and weekends. At this time, he began experimenting with the various DAWs (digital audio workstations) to better understand how to create music.

He initially started using Reason, Ableton Live and Logic Pro, resulting in his first electronic album, Electronic Orgasm, released on Napster! (

Today, THERUNNNER has produced almost 50 songs using DAWs (digital audio workstations) such ss Reason, Ableton & Logic Pro X, in which some of his tracks can be found on BandcampSoundcloud & YouTube.

Artists Services

Internet Radio: 


THERUNNNER, a  legacy Live365 radio DJ, has emerged  with a vengeance to meticulously develop his own internet radio station to promote indie artist who produce Electronic, Alternative & Indie Rock, House Music, Acid Jazz & HipHop! He is a fan of deep, mesmerizing tracks with introspective hooks and a unique sound. These artist are promoted via internet radio & social media, with a permanent home on this website under the Artist Interview tab!

Mastering of Tracks

Artists can now submit their tracks for mastering and upload for internet radio, global play! They can simply upload their tracks via the homepage and let us know if we need to master them.

The fee for mastering is $40/song!

Click this link for payment per song.

Artist Interviews:

How do we connect with the artist we promote? We interview them to better understand their music, make a connection, communicate daily & promote! We conduct live video interviews for greater exposure to our listening audience, which can be viewed on our Youtube/therunnner  channel, or the Artist Interviews link above!

Artist Submissions:

Musicians can simply send an MP3 file with cover art, preferably with a JPEG, to or upload via the home page under the " Upload Your Music for Radio Play" and click on the Add a File link.

Additionally, artists that submit music to for internet radio play, can find there cover art with a direct link to their preferred webpage on the Artist Submission page.